Coffee Break No.1

I should start by saying, I got the idea for virtual coffee breaks from a blog I ran across a while back. I can’t remember the name of it, but I absolutely loved the idea.

So, if we were having a coffee I’d probably tell you about:

1. My first real autumn. I know, sounds a little funny; here I am in my 20’s and yet this is my very first “real” fall. I recently moved out of FL so, up until this year fall has been 70 degree days and a palm tree leaf on the ground, haha. My new city has real seasons, just wow! I think I’d be perfectly happy doing nothing more than just sitting by a lake taking in the beautiful leaves all day. I did that for a while last weekend and it was so lovely.



2. I’m addicted to Sugarfina Sugarlips. I bought them as a gift for a friend and in a moment of weakness opened them and proceeded to eat the entire cube. Basically they’re sour patch kids for rich people. I am not part of this “rich people” bracket, so my addiction is unfortunate. I’ve tried to find a substitute, but nothing is quite as good. In conclusion they’re TOO good and TOO expensive.



3. I am loving my Trade Coffee Co. Subscription. A couple months back I decided that my Keurig was simply not cutting it anymore, so I got a Moccamaster coffee maker. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands and adheres to European coffee brewing standards, so I knew I couldn’t just put any old beans in my fancy new coffee maker! I had seen a couple ads for Trade on Instagram and finally decided to try it and let me tell you; it’s wonderful! I took a coffee quiz answering questions about flavor and roast preferences and they pick the coffee for me. I have the “hookup” for every two weeks. I love it because I get to try so many roasters across the country and the beans are fresh every time!



4. Making new friends is hard. It’s not to say that I don’t have a few friends here in my new city, but none of them are really at that point where I feel like I can just call them up spur of the moment and get together. I miss my FL friends who I can be lazy with. I’ll get there with some of my friends here, it will just take some time. Haha, patience has never been my strong suit.  🙂



Until next time,

Natural Thanksgiving Table

Growing up, my great aunt always had the prettiest table. No matter how big or small the celebration or gathering, she always put special care into setting the table. Even at 91 she makes the most special table settings. Seeing her tables over the years really instilled the ideal in me that a dinner is much more than just the food and who you share it with, the table is important too.

While making extravagant table settings is certainly fun, often it’s outside of my budget. Some of my most favorite table settings have come together by just using what I have. Last year’s Thanksgiving tablescape was no exception. I wanted the table to have a very natural, timeless, and high-end feel; keeping the color palette to warm colors like green, brown, and gold.


For the greenery, I took to the outdoors. This table is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a garden full of flowers to make an impact. Seriously, I just went outside and gathered leaves and sprigs from about 4 different plants.

There was some concern about bugs being on the greenery, so I set them out on a tarp and sprayed them with a natural insect repellent and let them sit for an hour or so before bringing them inside.

I used a little bit of floral wire to secure the pieces together and create the garland. One I had the general shape I liked I went back and tucked in a few more pieces of greenery to give it fullness.


In the past we’ve always used plastic folding tables for Thanksgiving, but last year we thought it would be more special if the tables were all wood. My family used to have an egg business and one of the chicken houses remains, so we use it to store stuff we’re not using. We call aptly call it “farm storage”. So we took to farm storage in search of a few tables and came out with three. Turns out, the first table in the picture above belonged to my great-great grandmother. Kind of cool to be able to have a table with history like that just lying around.


We already had the gold chargers, burlap, vintage candlesticks, and Friendly Village Dinner Plates, so the only thing I needed to buy to pull off this table was a gold paint pen for the leaves. I love trying calligraphy out on new surfaces, so using the leaves as place settings was so fun!

The leaf place cards were really a hit with everyone; a lot of people took them home they liked them so much!


One of the concerns that comes with having so many people over is everyone keeping track of their cup. We used them last year and I added names onto the cups using a white paint pen to make them look a little more special. I’ll be honest- I hate plastic cups! They’re generally not pleasing to look at and bad for the environment, but sometimes they’re just the more convenient option.


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




A Coffee with Kate

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When thinking about the simple pleasures in life, often the first thing that comes to mind for me at least, is a cup of coffee.

I feel like at this point there are few memories of mine that don’t include coffee in one way or another.

Coffee brings to mind game nights from my college years spent with good friends, trips to the mountains, a friend’s engagement, and happiness.


More generally though, coffee is:

The start to a day. 

The energy boost to carry you through a long night of studying.

A meeting with old friends.

A way to get to know some one new.

An opportunity to try something new.

Comfort and routine.

Warmth on a cold winter’s day.

Coolness on a summer day.


Perhaps the magic in coffee for me isn’t the sheer fact that it contains caffeine, but rather that it can become whatever it needs to be given the situation. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee at this point, but  it seems to me that I could stand to be a little more like coffee. See, there’s beauty in the ability to change and adapt.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as we take coffee breaks together, share ideas, and embrace the change that comes our way in this season of life.