Coffee Break No.1

I should start by saying, I got the idea for virtual coffee breaks from a blog I ran across a while back. I can’t remember the name of it, but I absolutely loved the idea.

So, if we were having a coffee I’d probably tell you about:

1. My first real autumn. I know, sounds a little funny; here I am in my 20’s and yet this is my very first “real” fall. I recently moved out of FL so, up until this year fall has been 70 degree days and a palm tree leaf on the ground, haha. My new city has real seasons, just wow! I think I’d be perfectly happy doing nothing more than just sitting by a lake taking in the beautiful leaves all day. I did that for a while last weekend and it was so lovely.



2. I’m addicted to Sugarfina Sugarlips. I bought them as a gift for a friend and in a moment of weakness opened them and proceeded to eat the entire cube. Basically they’re sour patch kids for rich people. I am not part of this “rich people” bracket, so my addiction is unfortunate. I’ve tried to find a substitute, but nothing is quite as good. In conclusion they’re TOO good and TOO expensive.



3. I am loving my Trade Coffee Co. Subscription. A couple months back I decided that my Keurig was simply not cutting it anymore, so I got a Moccamaster coffee maker. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands and adheres to European coffee brewing standards, so I knew I couldn’t just put any old beans in my fancy new coffee maker! I had seen a couple ads for Trade on Instagram and finally decided to try it and let me tell you; it’s wonderful! I took a coffee quiz answering questions about flavor and roast preferences and they pick the coffee for me. I have the “hookup” for every two weeks. I love it because I get to try so many roasters across the country and the beans are fresh every time!



4. Making new friends is hard. It’s not to say that I don’t have a few friends here in my new city, but none of them are really at that point where I feel like I can just call them up spur of the moment and get together. I miss my FL friends who I can be lazy with. I’ll get there with some of my friends here, it will just take some time. Haha, patience has never been my strong suit.  🙂



Until next time,

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